Space Exploration, Spaceflight, Creativity & Innovation, Innovative Engineering Design, Leadership,
Psychological Safety, STEM Outreach, Learning Analytics, Safety and Organizational Transformation

NASA’s Return-to-Flight Following Columbia
Psychological Safety, Leadership, Critical Thinking:
Lessons Not Learned Following the Columbia Accident
Space Shuttle Design: Lessons Learned
Transforming Education:  Killing Three Birds
High-Performing Teams: How to Create, Nurture & Lead Teams in a Complex World
How to Transform a Failing Organization:  It’s All About the Culture
A New Strategy for Innovative Engineering Design
Failure is Not an Option… It’s a Requirement:
How to Fail Smart, Fast, Small, Cheap, Early & Often
Rapid Concept Development Using a Research Set-Based Design Approach
Epic Challenges: Sustaining Humans in Deep Space, on the Moon & Mars

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